Jennifer Neel (left) with fellow artist Sophie Browning (right) painting the Salute at sunset from San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice, Italy.  Photo courtesy of O'Neill Cushman.

A staple in my artistic practice is painting based from life, focusing on creating a cohesive painting out of what I see and feel before me.  I attempt to see the world afresh so as not be confined by any one method of working.  This allows me to take risks in my art and explore new realms of possibility and to reject forms of conventionality by which to paint, even those of my own creation. 

--Jennifer Neel


Jennifer currently resides in her home state of Indiana.  She graduated with her Masters of Fine Arts from the Marchutz School of Fine Art in Aix-en-Provence, France.  Her studies have taken her to Giverny, France and Venice, Italy where she painted plein-air landscapes.